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    CRAFTWORK TECHNIQUES Of The Native Americans Learn from these examples, while creating beautiful Native American objects. This important addition to your library features 316 photos & 23 detailed illustrations, both in color & contained in 108 pages.
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    ENGRAVING HISTORIC FIREARMS - FINEST EVER! By far the finest book on hand engraving of firearms & other items. The result of painstaking research, practical knowledge & almost 50 years of experience, it is the standard reference for engravers & collectors alike.
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  • 2015 CATALOG 32-  162 FULL COLOR PAGES
    2016 CATALOG 33- 162 FULL COLOR PAGES 162 Full Color Pages - Be sure to get your copy of the largest selection of Native American Indian, rendezvous & mountain man, & reenactor craft supplies to be found anywhere!
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  • MARCH & APRIL CROW CALLS - Specials & New Items
    MARCH & APRIL CROW CALLS - Specials & New Items 16 PAGES of savings on many of our most popular items such as Ultra-Thin Craft Leather, Bone & Buffalo Hairpipe and 13/0 Czech Cut Seed Beads for your next craft project. Many great gift items on sale too!
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  • AMAZING NEW WARBONNET BOOK! The Plains Warbonnet
    AMAZING NEW WARBONNET BOOK! The Plains Warbonnet New book is the most comprehensive warbonnet book available. Presents the story behind the warbonnet & provides full details on making the various style. 130+ photos, most in color, 35+ color illus.
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    PENDLETON Indian Blankets for Powwow or Home!   For over a 100 years, if you're looking for an American Indian blanket, you're looking for a Pendleton. We offer an extensive line of the most popular blankets, throws, baby blankets, serapes & shawls.
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  • NATIVE AMERICAN SHAWL KIT - Make Your Own Shawls
    NATIVE AMERICAN SHAWL KIT - Make Your Own Shawls Almost all Native American ladies' outfits require a dance shawl. Kit includes shawl material, shawl fringe, fringing needle & illustrated instructions. 5 cloth colors & 36+ fringe color options.
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  • READY-MADE CRAFTS - Gourd Dance Blanket Blanket
    READY-MADE CRAFTS - Gourd Dance Blanket Blanket Made using a full yard of our 3-Band Broadcloth, this is the standard blanket used for Gourd Dancing, but can also be worn on a variety of occasions.
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    LEATHER DYE & CARE PRODUCTS NEW leather craft and care products from Crazy Crow feature leather stains and dies, leather rejuevenator, mink oil and tanning lotion for your leather projects.
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  • NEW DESIGNS - Super Soft Fleece 60x80
    NEW DESIGNS - Super Soft Fleece 60x80 Super soft & super inexpensive, these 2 new fleece 60x80 blankets are great for those looking for Native American designs used with Southwest decor. Available in 20 attractive, traditional patterns & colors.
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Exclusive Distributor of French Glass Beads

Bovis Bead Company


The Bovis Bead Division of Crazy Crow Trading Post is proud to be your source for the remaining stocks of French Glass Beads from the last factory in France to produce beads. It was established in the 16th century by immigrant Venetian glass workers, but unfortunately it was forced to close its doors after struggling to survive the death of the last owner. These beads were manufactured using the old process, formulas and old world pride of workmanship, whereby the colors were made within the glass to produce a completely colorfast bead, guaranteed not to fade over the years. We have good stocks of many colors and sizes in these fine quality beads, as listed on our website and in our current catalog. These beads are well–suited for many different types of projects and are available in sizes from 7mm Crow Beads to 4mm and 5mm Pony Beads to the smaller 8/0 through the tiny 14/0 size.

Old Time Colors

We worked very hard to match the "Old Time" color seed and pony beads used by American Indians from the early 1800s to the mid–1900s, making these our specialty. Our "Old Time" colors are the same shades as the old Italian colors used during that era, enabling crafts people to continue accurate and skilled reproductions of historic American Indian beadwork. Just as in the old days, slight variations in color can occur from one batch to the next, due to various environmental factors which are beyond control. We also have a good selection of German Old Time beads which are excellent quality and will mix well with our French and Italian beads.

White Heart Beads

Another favorite bead of the era and cherished by the American Indian beadworker is the “White Heart”bead. We offer various colors of the White Heart in the traditional Ruby Red as well as the Old Time colors such as Greasy Yellow and Pony Trader, or Powder Blue. These beads have traveled the world, having been used as a means of trade and adornment throughout the Americas, Africa, Asia and other remote locations. These White Heart beads, also known as “Cornaline D’Allepo” beads, are truly historic, dating back to the 1500s. Unfortunately, stocks are limited on this type bead and they are very difficult to find now.   [View French White Hearts]

Regular Colors

Our Bovis Bead Division also carries a full line of standard, modern colors, many of which are not available in the Czech line. We offer Opaque and Transparent Seed Beads, Lustered Beads, and Tube Style Beads in the full size range.   [View French Seed Beads]

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Native American Moccasins, A Craft Manual by George M. White, Published by Crazy Crow Trading Post
This expanded 3rd. Edition contains historical information on the 30 tribes covered, along with comprehensive new instructions on making Cheyenne style, hard sole moccasins and Northern Plains soft sole moccasins. The addition of 47 full color photographs makes this a wonderful reference for both collectors and craftworkers alike. Soft Cover, 88 pages, 44 color photos & illustrations, with 43 pages of moccasin patterns and instructions and 21 historic period photographs.
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Flintlock Fowlers: The First Guns Made in America
Flintlock Fowlers: The First Guns Made in America
Landmark study of American flintlock fowling pieces features guns ranging from Club Butts & New England guns to those of eastern Kentucky, along with their origin & construction. Over 160 of these essential firearms, dating from 1700 to 1820, are covered. 248 pgs, over 950 high-quality photographs. Soft cover.
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